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Well, I ain't got a problem with it. Man, you ever put a baked ham in a wood chipper? I know I have.

Stew, Crash Tag Team Racing

Who's ready to get scrambled?

Stew, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Stew is a reporter chicken from Crash Tag Team Racing and reappears in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. He works with Chick Gizzard Lips, although Stew tends to go off topic at times.


Crash Tag Team Racing

Stew, along with Chick , help Crash Bandicoot with the adventure mode's tutorial section in Von Clutch's MotorWorld. The two commentators also have missions for Crash to unlock new cars for him, with Stew being the one to reward Crash the Yellow Horde after finding the eggs from his unseen wife, which he's scared of.

In the game cutscenes, Stew occasionally changes his hat or haircut when the camera cuts back to him.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

In Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, Stew rejoins Chick as both appear to announce new Grand Prixes and advertise various items available during such a Grand Prix in an introduction video. Stew was introduced as a playable racer as part of the Winter Festival Grand Prix. He can be purchased from the Pit Stop for 1500 Wumpa Coins.


Speed: 4/7
Accel: 7/7
Turn: 3/7
Difficulty: Intermediate
Driving Style: Acceleration



Stew is an excitable, constantly pumped rooster. He is the jokester in contrast to Chick's drier deliveries, and often makes bad puns.

Physical Appearance

Stew is a light cream feathered rooster. He has a tall curl of dark blue hair, sweeping back from the front of his head. He has light blue eyes, a blunt orange beak and yellow chicken legs with white claws. He wears a baby blue suit jacket with a shield symbol on the chest, with the letters "XYZ" emblazoned on it in red. He wears a white dress shirt underneath with a sea green tie, and also wears a blue-grey headset. He's usually seen carrying a grey microphone in his hand.

In Nitro-Fueled, his design sees minimal changes. His hair is now a much brighter shade of royal blue, his beak and feet are the same shade of pale yellow-orange and he no longer has claws on his toes. Also, the shield logo on his suit is much more defined and the buttons on his suit are much bigger.


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  • Stew is believed to be a parody of real life boxer George Foreman.
  • Stew's name combined with Chick is likely to be derived from "Chicken Stew".
  • Stew is the only main character aside from Crash in Crash Tag Team Racing to appear in a Die-O-Rama.

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