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Stage Dive is the first boss fight and the final story level of The Hazardous Wastes. It is also the sixth main level of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time.


Crash and Coco confront N. Gin and his Weapon of Mass Percussion. The speakers shoot both discs of light and Ramblers. The battle has four phases and in each phase, Crash/Coco must spin or slide to send three Ramblers back to the speakers until the target spot of the weapon is revealed, and then jump to the drums of the weapon to spin the target spot. During the last three phases, the player needs to use Lani-Loli to reach the target stop. The second Quantum Mask, Akano, is used as a power source for W.O.M.P., but is accidentally thrown through a quantum rift into Salty Wharf after the battle, prompting Crash, Coco and Lani-Loli to go after him into the rift.


Normal Mode[]

  • The level is a boss fight.
  • Post-apocalyptic enemies.

N. Verted Mode[]

  • Just like the previous levels, the level has limited render distance.
  • Everything has a neon outline around it, this includes level geometry which will also display its wireframes.
  • Crash's spin is overdrived and sounds like a chainsaw.
  • Music has a drumbeat; its volume depends on how bright the stage is.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Arabic طبول الحرب
tabul alharb
French Plongée sur scène
German Stage Dive
Italian Tuffo dal palco
Japanese きけんなライブかいじょう
Kiken na raibu kaijō
Polish Sceniczny debiut
Portuguese Invadindo o Palco
Russian Прыжок со сцены
Pryzhok so sceny
Latin-American Spanish Pánico Escénico
European Spanish Etapa de Inmersión


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