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Crash of the Titans Spybot

A spybot in Crash of the Titans.

Spybots are toilet-shaped robots created by Cortex for spying purposes in Crash of the Titans. There are three of them in every level in the game. They must be destroyed to obtain the golden Voodoo Doll for that level, along with completing Combo King and Minion Master. These robots do not attack Crash in any way, and sometimes are hidden behind items that Crash must go around or destroy. Spybots usually drop small quantities of mojo when one of them is destroyed and rarely a golden Wumpa Fruit.

Spybots also appear in the Wasteland in Crash: Mind Over Mutant, near the entrance to the Junkyard. Another variant, shaped like a vacuum cleaner, exists within the Junkyard itself. Both spybot types shoot missiles at Crash. Destroying them will give Crash a mojo multiplier.


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