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Not to be confused with Man-Eating Plants.

Spitter plants are enemies that spit at a player character to harm them from a distance, first introduced in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. A different enemy with a similar function appears in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, called the Jurassic flytrap.


Spitter plants look similar to the man-eating plant, possessing red, toothy "heads," spiked roots at their base and two leaves serving as arms and hands. They randomly spit seeds at pre-determined spots which explode shortly after landing on the ground. They are stationary enemies and spit from a distance, but cower in fear when Crash approaches. In this state, they can be bounced on. Crash can defeat them with the body slam when above ground or by spinning them from underground. Spitter plants are the only enemies in the game to drop Wumpa Fruit when defeated (with the body slam only). They appear in the levels Diggin' It and Bee-Having.

In Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!, spitter plants can be found in The Great Gate, Beach Jungle and Upstream in On the Run!. They attack by spitting out small balls of green acid that bounce towards the player, and they will swallow the player whole if collided with. They are immune to spinning and sliding, though they can be defeated by throwing a Boom Berry at them, body-slamming next to them, or causing a TNT or Nitro Crate to explode next to them.

The jurassic flytraps appear in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time in the levels Fossil Fueled, Dino Dash and Rock Blocked. The poison they spit lingers on the ground for a short time after landing. Unlike spitter plants in previous games, jurassic flytraps can turn in place to improve their aim. However, they still cower when approached (unless it's Cortex). They can be defeated with any attack. It reappears in Crash Team Rumble as a summon, now known as a "Flytrap Spitter." When summoned, they spit blobs of acid at any nearby members of the opposite team, and do not display the cowering behavior typical of this enemy type.


Spitter Plant
Jurassic Flytrap


Spitter Plant
Jurassic Flytrap

Names in other languages[]

Spitter Plant
Language Name
Japanese プックン
Jurassic Flytrap
Language Name
Arabic خناق الذباب الجوراسي
khinaq aldhubab aljwrasii
French Dionée Jurassique
German Jurafliegenfalle
Italian Acchiappamosche Giurassica
Japanese ジュラシックハエとり
Polish Jurajska Muchołapka
Russian Мухоловка Юрского Периода
Mukholovka Yurskogo Perioda
Spanish Planta Carnívora Jurásica
Flytrap Spitter
Language Name
Arabic النبتة المسعورة
alnabtat almaseura
French Dionée Cracheuse
German Fliegenfallen-Spucker
Italian Sputatrappole
Japanese ハエとりでっぽう
Hae-tori deppō
Polish Plujkowiec
Portuguese Planta Cospe-cospe
Spanish Planta Carnívora