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"This sneaky character likes ambushing bandicoots from below."


Spike is a bipedal titan with brown spiky fur. It has a flat head with narrow eyes and protruding jaws, long huge arms with sharpened claws, and its back is covered with huge spines which protrude while the Spike is guarding itself. Its roar is very loud and scares everyone who hears it. In Crash of the Titans, besides being brown, they are also red and white. The Spike spots its victim with a keen sense of smell, and strikes the hidden prey with Spike's Surprise. It is a hybrid of a porcupine.


Crash of the Titans

Spike is the first seen and playable titan in Crash of the Titans. Before his introduction was shown he was heard making a terrifying noise that made even Crash tremble with fear. Later he was spotted by Crash and managed to kill three Ratnicians with his special move.

Crash: Mind Over Mutant

In Crash: Mind Over Mutant, the Spikes appear once again but they seem to be more feral and ferocious looking than before, being taller and more muscular. Crash finds the Spikes in the Wasteland making terrifying noises that frightened the inhabitants of the land. Crash quickly disposes of them and saves the Wastelands. Later, they return to Wumpa Island along with the Snipes and damage most of the area, including Crash and Coco's Home. From that point on, they're scattered throughout the island.


  • Claw Attack: (Light attack X3) He gives three basic strokes with his sharp claws
  • Strong Attack: It gives a charging attack with his shoulder
  • Spike's Surprise: (Special attack) Convenes a lot of spikes from the ground around him.
  • (Only on CMOM) Block Attack: (Block + Light Attack) While it is protecting draw his spikes to damage wo is close. 
  • Spikey Ball Combo: (Only on CMOM) (Light attack X3 + Strong attack) Spike will do his usual light attack combo, then curl up and hurl himself forward at the enemy. This move is never directly stated to the player in any menu, meaning that the player must observe the NPC Spike's behaviour and try to do it themselves.




  • This was the Titan that appeared in the Titan Idol video on YouTube, showing how he made it into the game.
  • Uka Uka shares 1 of the same powers as the Spike. Spike pulls spikes out of the ground and then shoves them back down. Uka Uka however puts his fists on the ground and a small area of spikes will come up and then down.

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