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Speedy Boots are special items found in numerous arenas in Crash Bash.  They are found in all four Pogo Pandemonium arenas, as well as in Space Bash, Snow Bash, and Mallet Mash.


When a player collects the speedy boots, the player will be able to move much faster than normal for a limited period of time. In Pogo Pandemonium arenas, this allows the player to step on more squares over a given period of time, which can be turned into more points, and also makes the character move forwards automatically when not directed (a la Pac-Man). In all arenas with this power-up, it helps the player reach crates and other items faster.




  • Speedy boots last for eight seconds in all arenas that have them, except in Mallet Mash, where speedy boots only last for six seconds. However, if a player with speedy boots is attacked in any way, the player loses speedy boots. This can happen in various ways depending on the arena. Some examples of attacks include being hit by a thrown crate in a Crate Crush arena, or being hit with a missile in any Pogo Pandemonium arena, or being hit with an explosion in El Pogo Loco.
  • In Pogo Pandemonium arenas, the player (except Rilla Roo) normally jumps at a rate of approximately 1 square every 0.6 seconds. However, with speedy boots, the player jumps at a rate of approximately 1 square every third of a second. The speedy boots make the player move almost twice as fast. Rilla Roo is slightly faster than the other characters both with and without speedy boots.