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Doctor Neo CortexDoctor Neo Cortex/GalleryDoctor Neo Cortex (Boss Fights)
Doctor Nitrus BrioDoctor Nitrus Brio/Gallery
DonkeyDoom Monkey
DoominatorDot Dash
Double HeaderDouble Jump
Down the Hole
Dr. N. Gin (Boss Fights)
Dr. Nitrus Brio (Boss Fights)
DragonDragon CastlesDragon Drop
Dragon MinesDrain BashDrain Damage
Drip, Drip, Drip
Drive-thru DangerDroid VoidDynamic Difficulty Adjustment
EarthEbenezer Von ClutchEbenezer Von Clutch/Gallery
Eggipus RexEight Is Enough
El Pogo LocoElectric EelElectric Lab Assistant
Electric RayElectric WaterElectro Stun Beam
Electron AvenueElemental CrateElementals
ElephantElevator Switch
Emperor Velo (Boss Fight)Emperor Velo XXVIIEmperor Velo XXVII/Gallery
Energon SpheresEnergy ShotgunEpisode 10: A Sludge Too Far
Episode 11: Shock and Awesome
Episode 12: Weapons of Mass ConstructionEpisode 13: Doomraker
Episode 14: Family Tree
Episode 15: Calamityville HorrorEpisode 16: Timber Trials
Episode 17: Adolt Edumacation
Episode 18: War of the WhirlsEpisode 19: Minority Rapport
Episode 1: A New Hop
Episode 20: Revengeance 2: The RevengicideEpisode 2: A Succumbing to Age Story
Episode 3: A Zero's Journey
Episode 4: The Temple of ZoomEpisode 5: The Emerald Pity
Episode 6: Don't Eat the Yellow Brick Load
Episode 7: The Blizzard of Claws
Episode 8: Life's A BeachEpisode 9: Operation Overboard
Eruption Disruption
Eskimo RollEvent
Evil CocoEvil Coco (cut character)Evil Crash
Evil Crash's houseEvil Crash/GalleryEvil Crunch
Evil HandEvil Hand (Crash Bandicoot: Mutant Island)
Evil Public SchoolEvil School And YouEvil Twins
Evil Twins/GalleryEvil Twins (Boss Fight)
EvilocityEvo-WumpaEvolution Kiosk
Fahrenheit FrenzyFake CrashFake Crash/Gallery
Fake Crash (Boss Fight)
Falling treesFarmer Ernest
Farmer Ernest's farmFatFeather Crate
Feeed Meeeee!FenomenaFifth Dimension
Final CountdownFire-Breathing Tiki
Fire IslandFire Mountains
Fire WalkerFireflyFirefly (Machine)
FireguyFishFish World
Fists Of Orange FuryFlame Thrower Lab AssistantFlaming Passion
Flaming PlatformFloating FortressFloating Island Dimension
Flockful of SeagullsFlux Warp
Flying KickFlying SwordfishFoofie
Forbidden LoveForce Field
Force of NatureFossil Fuel Injection
Fourth wall
FoxFreeJack FrollickFree Jack Shoe
Freefallin'Freeze CrateFrigid Waters
Frostbite CavernFrozen FrenzyFruit
Fruit BazookaFumbling in the Dark
Funko PopsFunny Farm Whack-a-MoleFuture Frenzy
Future TenseGags
Game over screenGasmoxia
GearyGeary/GalleryGee Wiz
GemGem Cup
Gem ShardGem Stone ValleyGem path
Generator Room
GhostGhost (collectible)
Ghost TownGiant Acid Couldron
Giant BubbleGiant CrateGiant Drum
Giant Lab Assistant
Giant Sand WormsGingerbread JoyrideGiraffe
Give them the BOOT!Glacier ParkGladiator Arena
GliderGlobe Trottin'
Gnasty GnorcGnasty Gnorc/GalleryGoar
GoatGoat King
Gold MinerGold Relic
Gold RushGolden Crate
Gone TomorrowGone a Bit Coco
Good Cortex
Goofy GalaxyGorillaGrand Prix
Grand Prix/Back N. TimeGrand Prix/Gasmoxia
Grand Prix/Neon CircusGrand Prix/Nitro TourGrand Prix/Post-Grand Prix
Grand Prix/RustlandGrand Prix/Spooky
Grand Prix/Spyro N. FriendsGrand Prix/Winter Festival
Green Gem Concept ArtGreen Gem Cup
Green gemGrimly
Grin and Bear ItGrizzly Frog
GrumblerGuard DogGunboat
GurinH2 Oh No
Hall MonitorHalloween SkinHang'em High
Hang EightHangin' Out
Happily Ever FasterHarbor Worker
Hard to BearHasty
Hasty/GalleryHaunted HovelHaunted Shores
Have Monster Will TrampleHazardous Habits
Heavy MachineryHellenic Hijinx

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