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You may be looking for the level named after this level from Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!.

Snow Go is the second level of the first warp room in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and the N. Sane Trilogy remake of the second game. It is the first snow/ice level to appear in the game (and the series overall), and as such, parts of it are devoted solely to teaching Crash how to skate on various icy patches in the level. It is also the first appearance of nitro crates on the main path of a level, as they only appeared in the secret route in Turtle Woods. It also marks the first appearance of TNTs in this game. The red gem can be found in this level. The developers intended for the player to have to unlock this level's (considerably more difficult) secret entrance path in the sixth warp room by uncovering the secret exit in the stage Air Crash.


Enemies and Obstacles[]

Name Image Effects
Penguins Penguin Snow Go The penguins will walk back and forth along the path that Crash travels. At certain points in their movement, they will stop and start to spin around. After spinning around, they will be dazed for a few seconds before shaking it off. While they are in their spinning motion, Crash should try to avoid them as they are impervious to his attacks at this point in time. Once they are in a state of daze, Crash can then attack them by either spinning them away or by jumping on them.
Seals Seals Snow Go The seals will glide along the path that Crash travels. They don't directly attack Crash but act as an obstacle. He must try to avoid them while traversing the level. They can be easily defeated by spinning them away, or by jumping on them. Once in a while, Crash will come across a group of seals together that slide into a nearby pit. He must time his jumps in this case as there are three of them to avoid rather than one.
Stone crushers Rock Crusher The rock crushers are mechanical machines that are found in the inner portion of the level. They are marked by a large stone structure with a stone slab protruding from it. On the ground by the stone structures are indented spaces, which shows the area where the rock crusher lands. When running through the indented space, the stone slab will immediately slam on the ground when Crash is over the space. To avoid being slammed by the device, Crash must time his movements while running through the slam zone. If Crash is crushed by the rock crusher, he will lose a life.
Log crushers Log Crusher The log crushers are mechanical machines that are found in the inner portion of the level. They share the same design as the rock crushers, except a log is used in place of a large stone. The log crushers act differently than the rock crushers as they repeatedly slam on the ground rather than wait for Crash to walk underneath them. This gives Crash some time to time his movement while running through the log crushers.


Translation of Aku Aku Hints in the Japanese Version[]

  • The spinning penguins have cute faces, but are dangerous.
  • If you crouch while running, it becomes sliding. Think differently, it will come in handy.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese ツルピカの ゆきやま
Tsurupika no yuki ya ma


  • This level's name is a pun on the phrase "no-go", meaning to not function properly, and, as such, not go. Appropriately, this level's colored gem is red, the internationally accepted color of "stopping", aka "no-going".
  • It's possible to get the red gem without the secret route through the usage of the seal or the iron arrow crate, both of which are underneath the red gem.
    • This is now impossible in the N. Sane Trilogy, as the red gem has been moved higher than Crash can reach, even with the help of the seal or the iron arrow crate.
  • This was the chosen level in Interactive CD Sampler Volumes 5 and 6 and in it, the music is slightly different.
  • Along with Ruination, the level contains the joint-most standalone Aku Aku masks with three, all on the secret route.
  • In the original PlayStation version when entering through the sixth warp room, the Bounce Crate in the second column of crates in the third section of the level, right before the Crystal's location, is glitched. This crate breaks immediately and rewards nothing when jumped on. It acts as normal when the level is accessed through the first warp room.
  • Originally this level contained the blue gem but that was switched with Turtle Woods.
  • This level was the fourth ever Crash 2 level made not counting bosses, and as such, suffered many changes before the released version(s):