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Tip Toe Ability

The Sneak Shoes, (also called Tip Toe in the Wrath of Cortex manual), is a power-up exclusive to Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex. After Crash Bandicoot wins his fights against Rok-Ko and Crunch Bandicoot in the stage Rumble in the Roks, he earns the ability to tiptoe onto a row of suspended Nitro crates.

At first glance, this ability really doesn't seem to do anything other than slow down Crash's movement, but it is a situational power-up in a way that whenever Crash visits a bonus round, there may be a suspended bridge of Nitro crates and if Crash makes the error of stepping on them, they will detonate. With the Sneak Shoes, he can get across by simply holding the button that activates the power-up and walk slowly across without the hassle of the Nitro crates' immediate detonation upon touching. However, he must not stop until he reaches the other side or the Nitro crates will explode, resulting in death or loss of an Aku Aku mask.

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Traditional Chinese 掂腳走路[1]
Diān jiǎo zǒulù
French Marcher sur la Pointe des Pieds
German Auf Zehenspitzen Gehen
Italian Avanzare in Punta di Piedi
Japanese ソロソロあるき
Soro soro aruki
Korean 살금살금 걷기용 신발 (in-game)
살금살금 걷기 (manual)[2]
salgeumsalgeum geodgiyong sinbal (in-game)
salgeumsalgeum geodgi (manual)
Spanish De Puntillas