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This guy is like the common cold come to life! We can take his powers, but I'm not sure I want to touch him...

Aku Aku, Crash of the Titans

Sludge is a titan that is, as the name implies, made entirely out of toxic sludge. His slimy, elastic body grants him a long attack range, as well as the ability to shapeshift. In Crash of the Titans, they served Nina Cortex. In Crash: Mind Over Mutant, Sludge were among the first subjects of the NVDr. Cortex used one to capture and restrain Uka Uka as part of his betrayal.

A settlement populated by uncontrolled, non-hostile Sludge can be found in the Junkyard. After Dr. Cortex is defeated, the Sludge Hero can be fought there as well. A conjoined Sludge outside the village offers Crash minigame rounds to play.


Sludge is a bipedal titan formed from sludge, though his appearance differs between games. In Crash of the Titans, he is muscular with a pointed nose and rows of small teeth, resembling a chameleon-frog hybrid. In Mind Over Mutant, he takes on a more hoglike appearance, with a flat snout, small tusks, and a prominent, translucent gut. In either game, when Sludge is jacked, Crash can be seen curled up inside of him. Sludge commonly live in industrial, polluted places, attacking trespassers with their stretchy slime-arms.


Light Attack: Sludge extends a gooey arm and slaps the opponent up to two times in succession. When combined with a jump, he pounds the opponent with his fists brought together.

Heavy Attack: Sludge leans back, then claps his hands together, slapping the opponent from both sides. This attack can be charged for greater damage by holding the 'heavy attack' button.

Gooey Louie: Pressing the block button makes Sludge shift to a slug-like form that is impervious to damage. While in this form, Sludge can slip through narrow gaps, or uppercut opponents with the 'light attack' button. This form ends after three seconds, or when Sludge attacks.

Toxic Vom: Sludge's ultimate attack, wherein he spews a highly toxic acid that poisons Crash and other foes, engulfing them in a cloud of green gas. Poisoned titans can be stunned in one hit, or else take extra damage over time. During this attack, Sludge can rotate in place to change the vomit's trajectory.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
SpanishBarro (CotT), Puerco espín (MOM)lit. slime (CotT); lit. porcupine (MOM)
FrenchSludgesame as English
DutchSlijk (CotT), Slijm (MOM)lit. mud (CotT); lit. phlegm (MOM)
GermanMatscherderived from 'Matsch' (lit. sludge)
ItalianMelmosolit. slimy/oozy
FinnishLietelit. sludge
DanishMudderdyrlit. mud animal
NorwegianSlasklit. sleaze (i.e. a muddy/dirty person)
SwedishSlammarederived from 'slam' (lit. sludge)
portmanteau of 'слизь' (lit. slime) and 'рог' (lit. horn)




  • A blurb in Crash of the Titans suggests that all Sludge are male.
  • When Sludge is jacked, Crash jumps in his mouth and sinks inside his belly, as opposed to riding on his back as with most titans.
  • The Sludge the only titan that can stand in toxic waste without being hurt.
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