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Slide Coliseum is the seventeenth and first extra race course in Crash Team Racing and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. It is located in Gem Stone Valley, near the passage to N. Sanity Beach, next to Turbo Track. It's a bonus track unlocked by earning ten relics of any color. It only has a relic race available in adventure mode. It's also the only race track in the game with no turbo pads at all.

Note: If playing against Oxide's ghost during time trial mode, the ghost will use the terrain near certain spare tire sections as ramps. This is only easily utilized if the player begins and maintains boosted speed.

This is the second of the "stadium" Relic Races. If you haven't figured out how to slide by now, you had better learn fast! You'll have to turbo slide your way around the entire course if you want to beat the relic times. Although there are no course hazards, you can easily swerve off into the grass. Some of the Time Crates are located on the tire barriers, some you'll have to hop to reach them. Ready?

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Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Arabic مدرج التفحيط
madraj altafhit
Dutch Slip-Coliseum
French Stade Glissade
German Rutsch-Arena
Italian Colosseo Mobile
Japanese ドリフトスペシャル アリーナ
Dorifutosupesharu arīna
Portuguese Festival Acelerado
Spanish Coliseo Derrape


  • In the original CTR, this track has the same music as Turbo Track and Tiny Arena. In the Nitro-Fueled version however, this track gets its own remix version of the music.
  • In the relic race, there is a pair of 2-second crates in the same position. Hitting it automatically breaks both crates, freezing the clock for four seconds, and adding two to the broken crate total. Sewer Speedway and Dingo Canyon contain similar crates.
  • In Time Trial, Nitros Oxide's ghost crashes into the fence on the second turn of the third lap.
  • In the Nitro-Fueled remaster, the track is set at night and 4 hologram projectors each display three characters doing their victory poses. In order of where the podiums are, the characters are: Polar, Pura, Megumi, Dingodile, Komodo Joe, Isabella, Papu Papu, Ripper Roo, Liz, Crash, N. Gin and Ami.