Slap-Es are robotic minions of Doctor Neo Cortex. They are small, weak, cylindrical robots that ride around in purple hands to increase their strength. They can attack, jump, block, and walk with their fingers.

They are mainly found in the Space Head and they can be found everywhere else after Cortex has been defeated. Their only appearance was in Crash: Mind Over Mutant.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Manotazo lit. slap
French Slap-E same as English
Dutch Slo-Mi informal pronunciation of "sla me" (lit. hit me)
German Hau-se informal pronunciation of "hau' sie" (lit. hit 'em)
Italian Slap similar to English
Finnish Läps-Y
Danish Flad-E
Norwegian Klask-E
Swedish Dask-E
Russian Робохлоп
portmanteau of 'робот' (lit. robot) and the root of 'хлопать' (lit. to slap)




  • If a Slap-E cannot reach Crash, it may say "Error 404: Bandicoot not found", which is a reference to the "Error 404: Page not found" error message found when a web page is missing.
  • Their attacks reference the game of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'.
  • According to a blurb, they are extensions of Cortex, sharing both his memories and personal problems.
  • They are voiced by Tom Kenny.