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Skylanders Academy is a 3D animated Netflix series which ran from October 28, 2016 to September 28, 2018. The plot focuses on the adventures of Spyro the Dragon and his friends in the Skylanders continuity, being taught by Master Eon and fighting against the evil forces of Kaos as they learn what it means to be a true Skylander. Crash Bandicoot and other characters from the Crash Bandicoot series feature in some episodes.

Crash characters present[]

Episode synopses[]

The Skylands Are Falling! (Season 1, Episode 10)[]

When Pop Fizz creates a device to view future evil actions before they occur, Spyro becomes obsessed with chasing down people and defeating them before they can do anything evil. As a result, the unspent evil energy builds up into a giant purple mass in the sky, creating tears in the fabric of reality and sucking in all of the Skylands like a black hole. After Spyro sucessfully destroys the construct, a burst of energy is sent out accross the Skylands, resulting in Crash being pulled from his dimension into the Skylands. Crash explains that he was on his way to defeat Cortex and rescue Tawna, only to be pulled through a vortex and end up here. Crash asks the Skylanders for help to get home, and Spyro promises to help him, leading on to the next episode.

Crash Landing (Season 1, Episode 11)[]

In an attempt to help Crash get home, Eon sends the Skylanders out to collect a "Dark Relic" in the Falling Forest, which he deems necessary to create a successful portal back to Crash's dimension. Crash insists on coming along, impressing the Skylanders with his athletic skill.

On route to the Falling Forest, Crash notices someone up ahead; three Greebles attempting to roast a couple of Mabu over a fire. After the Skylanders realise that their powers have been diminished by the forest's dark energies, Crash suggests that the Greebles might have a Dark Relic. While Jet-Vac begins formulating a plan of attack, Crash jumps up into the trees by himself and drops down on the Greebles, setting off the TNT Crates they had nearby and freeing the Mabus. Spyro immediately begins expressing his admiration for Crash's heroic abilities, being completely oblivious to the traps scattered around the forest and failing to mimic Crash's Spin attack.

Soon after, the gang encounters an abandoned campsite, and begin searching it for possible Dark Relics. Spyro tries to impress Crash, wearing shoes like Crash's on his hind paws and wearing fake bushy eyebrows and a wig that looks like Crash's hair. The Skylanders are quickly interrupted by Chompy Mage, the owner of the campsite, who is returning to prepare food. Spyro attempts to ambush the mage by dropping down from a tree like Crash did, but only suceeds in falling flat on his face. Spyro lunges at the mage, missing and ending up wrapped in a blanket, which Chompy Mage quickly fastens with chains to prevent him from escaping. Crash and the other Skylanders emerge from the bushes to save Spyro, but Chompy Mage throws a stink bomb at them, buying him time to run away, taking Spyro with him to use as a sacrifice in his Chompy summoning ritual.

Before Crash and the Skylanders can catch up, Kaos approaches Chompy Mage, offering him spells in return for handing over Spyro and opening a cursed book that he'd stolen from his mother. Chompy Mage begins the spell to remove the curse, but realises how powerful the spells inside must be, and attempts to steal it. Kaos strikes the mage down in anger, but is interrupted by Crash bursting into the clearing. Skylanders rush forward to free Spyro, only for Kaos to create a forcefield, knocking them all back. Crash jumps up and snatches the book from the air, finally obtaining a dark relic, before knocking Kaos down with a spin attack, allowing the Skylanders to get to Spyro. Stealth Elf scolds Spyro for not focusing on the mission, and Spyro apologises. Crash demands that Chompy Mage remove Spyro's chains, only for the mage to flee, leaving the Skylanders to carry Spyro back home.

When they finally get back to the Academy, Master Eon uses the book to create a powerful rift, finally allowing Crash to go home. Crash bids the Skylanders farewell before flipping into the portal, finally leaving the Skylands.

Days of Future Crash (Season 3, Episode 9)[]


Raiders of the Lost Arkus, Part 2 (Season 3, Episode 13)[]



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  • Crash is portrayed noticably out of character in this series; he speaks in full sentences instead of his usual occasional wordless mumbling, and has a much more aggressive, confident personality, calling himself a "lone wolf" and being quite the show-off.
    • This contrasts with his depiction in Skylanders: Imaginators, which is much more accurate to his behavior in his native series.