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Ship Happens is the first timeline level of The 11th Dimension and the fifth timeline level of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. It is an alternate version of Snow Way Out and Neo Cortex's first timeline level, where he is playable for the first part of the level and the crate placement is altered. To access this level, the player must first complete Fossil Fueled.


Cortex learns that the bandicoots are en route to the mountain, leaving him time to distract them while they're on their way to the top. Eventually, Cortex arrives to see that Crash/Coco are about to make it to the ship. He pulls out a button that will explode upon pressing it, attempting to blow the bandicoots into smithereens. However, Cortex sneezes hard and presses the button by mistake, realizing that his plan had failed. The rest of the level continues with the ship exploding, allowing Crash/Coco to proceed as normal.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Arabic العطسة المتفجرة
aleatsat almutafajira
Explosive Sneeze
French Du Neuf Pour une Nef
German Schiff Happens (Same as English)
Italian Un Naufragio Capita a Tutti A Shipwreck Happens to Everyone
Japanese ふこうな こうかい
Fukou na kō kai
Unhappy Voyage
Polish Pokłady Cierpliwości Docks of Patience
Portuguese Infortúnios da Vida Life's Misfortunes
Russian Корабельная напасть
Korabel'naya napast'
Ship Attack
Spanish Barco a la Vista Ship Ahoy



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  • The name of this level is a pun on the mature phrase "Sh*t happens".
  • The music of this level lifts motifs from Dr. Neo Cortex's Boss Fight theme in Crash Bandicoot and the level's theme.