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Just your friendly neighborhood crab-shelled, fire-breathing, mojo fueled elephant.

Shellephants are crabs and elephants mixed together. They are known for being some of the strongest titans in Crash of the Titans. In episode seventeen, Adolt Edumacation, some Shellephants are seen in cages and being shot at with ray-turrets (possible Evolvo-rays).

They only appeared in episode six of Crash of the Titans. The first Shellephant is seen locked in a cage in Koo-ala village, but he will break free as soon as Crash defeats all Koo-alas in the village. Later, a Shellephant appears in Tiny's boss fight, where it has to be jacked by Crash to defeat Tiny. Since episode 6, Shellephants will appear as enemies in some levels (e. g. 15) After level 19, they will not appear anymore.


The Shellephant is a large, quadrupedal titan. It is covered with white spikes coming out of its back, arms, and trunk. Its body is brown in color. It has twin tusks with a ring on each of the tusks.


  • Light attack: It stomps the ground with its front legs if the light attack button is pressed at the right time it can continue a string of light attacks forever.
  • Heavy attack: It swings its trunk.
  • Special attack: It breathes fire from its trunk and can spin around in place.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Cangrejofante portmanteau of 'cangrejo' (lit. crab) and 'elefante' (lit. elephant)
French Éléphant lit. elephant
Dutch Schildolifant portmanteau of 'schild' (lit. shield/armor/shell) and 'olifant' (lit. elephant)
German Panzerfant portmanteau of 'Panzer' (lit. armor/shell) and 'Elefant' (lit. elephant)
Italian Elefandrago portmanteau of 'elefante' (lit. elephant) and 'drago' (lit. dragon)
Finnish Rapunorsu lit. crab elephant
Danish Shellefant portmanteau of the English word 'shell' and 'elefant' (lit. elephant)
Norwegian Skallefant portmanteau of 'skall' (lit. shell) and 'elefant' (lit. elephant)
Swedish Shellefant portmanteau of the English word 'shell' and 'elefant' (lit. elephant)
Russian Бронеслон
portmanteau of 'броня' (lit. armor) and 'слон' (lit. elephant)


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