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Just your friendly neighborhood crab-shelled, fire-breathing, mojo-fueled elephant. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Shellephants are crab-elephant hybrid titans appearing in Crash of the Titans. One first appears in Episode 6: Don't Eat the Yellow Brick Load, where it is caged in a Koo-ala settlement. Crash later uses one to defeat Tiny Tiger and continues to encounter them throughout the game.


Shellephants come in various colors, mainly brown or black. Their forearms, back, and face are covered in spikes. They are quadrupedal when walking, but stand on their hind legs when attacking. Shellephants can knock enemies away and even level buildings with their trunk, tusks, and fists.

In the mobile version of Crash of the Titans, Shellephants are fully bipedal and have large ears. They also wear boxing gloves and overalls.


Infinity Combo: Shellephant strikes the ground with its fists, alternating with each strike. Pressing the 'light attack' button as its fist hits the ground continues the combo indefinitely.

Heavy Attack: Shellephant rears back, then lashes its trunk. This attack can be charged for greater damage by holding the 'heavy attack' button.

Blaze of Glory: When holding the 'special attack' button, Shellephant blows fire from its trunk for approximately four seconds, or until the button is released. Shellephant can turn in place while using this attack. The entire Titan Meter is consumed once it ends.

Block: Shellephant guards its face with its arms, blocking attacks.

In other languages[]

Language Name
Danish Shellefant
Dutch Schildolifant
Finnish Rapunorsu
French Éléphant blindé
German Panzerfant
Italian Elefandrago
Norwegian Skallefant
Russian Бронеслон
Spanish Cangrejofante
Swedish Shellefant


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