Sheep Stampede (ヒツジのだいぼうそう lit. Sheep's Big Runaway in Japanese) is the second level and the first sheep-themed level in Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage.

Using the Fruit Bazooka, the player must blow up 40 sheep before they reach the nitro crates behind Crash. 30 wumpa fruit are needed to unlock this level. If one sheep touches a nitro crate, it will blow up and the player loses. If Crash destroys all 40 sheep, the player wins.



  • D-Pad: Move
  • A: Shoot


  • This minigame is from Spyro's world.
  • The black sheep move faster while the white sheep move slower.
  • This is the first minigame to have Crash battle with another game's animals, in this case the sheep, which appear as fodder in every game from the Spyro the Dragon series.

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