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You may be looking for this level's namesake from Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.

Sewer or Later is the fifth level in Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! (though it is the fourth to be unlocked), as well as the first level of Ice Warp Island. It is unlocked after collecting 30 Power Gems and takes 3 hours to regenerate its items.


Dark, dank and dangerous, if you run into any Scrubber Bubbletrons down here, then watch out, they're here to clean up the sewers — and that includes pesky Bandicoots!

Official level description.[1]

Level Design[]

The level takes place in a sewer system. Electric pads on the ground that can electrocute the player are introduced here, as well as Scrubber enemies.


Gem Run[]

The gem run for Sewer or Later requires the player to break all 85 crates in the level. The prize for this is a red gem. After the gem has been earned, the challenge can be re-attempted once every 24 hours for two purple crystals.

Challenge Run[]

The first challenge run for Sewer or Later requires the player to destroy all Spiders in the level, with the reward being 20 Wiggle Weed.

A second challenge run is unlocked later, requiring the player to simply reach the end with the use of frosty boom berries, with the reward being 15 Snow Cabbages.

Names In Other Languages[]

Language Name
Traditional Chinese 遲早要進下水道
Chízǎo yào jìn xiàshuǐdào
Simplified Chinese 下水道狂欢
Xiàshuǐdào kuánghuān
French L'Égout et les Couleurs
German Kanalarbeiter
Japanese ちかちか すいどう
Chikachika sui dō
Korean 하수구 탐험
hasugu tamheom
Portuguese Boca De Bueiro
Russian Быстро Или Сточно
Bystro Ili Stochno
Spanish Pesadilla en la Alcantarilla
Thai ท่อน๊ำทิ้ง
Th̀xń ả thîng
Turkish Her Yolun Sonu Lağım
Vietnamese Sớm Muộn Cũng Phải Chui Cống