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Seeing Double is the timeline level of Cortex Island (1996) and the ninth and the final timeline level of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. It is an alternate version of Cortex Castle and Neo Cortex's third timeline level, where he is playable for the first part of the level and the crate placement is altered.


The level starts with Cortex trying to stop his past self from creating Crash and Coco. He eventually reaches his past self as past Cortex thinks that his future self is an impostor, ordering the Lab Assistants to capture his future self. Future Cortex shoots them and takes his past self as hostage. The rest of the level then continues from the original level; with the male Lab Assistant being tossed out of the trash chute and into a bucket, lowering a bridge for Crash/Coco to proceed.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Arabic يخلق من الشبه أربعين
yakhluq min alshabih 'arbaein
Creates Likeness to Forty
French Vision Double Double Vision
German Doppelsicht Double Vision
Italian Vederci Doppio (Same as English)
Japanese ダブルな・トラ ブル
Daburuna tora buru
Double Trouble
Polish Widzę Podwójnie I Can See Double
Portuguese Vendo em Dobro (Same as English)
Russian В глазах двоится
V glazakh dvoitsya
It Double in the Eye (idiomatic equivalent to the original)
Spanish Veo Doble I See Double



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