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Seasons were a series of limited time events in Crash Team Rumble. Each season ran for three months each and introduced new playable characters over the course of the season.

Game Mechanics[]


The battlepass is a gauge that fills up as the player earns XP, which is awarded based on their performance in competitive matches. There are 100 total tiers in the battlepass, with each tier reached granting cosmetic rewards such as skins, hats and emblems.

The battlepass was premium, therefore it costed real world money to access.


Events were free, short challenges that were available to all players every week for a short period of time. These challenged players to do a specific thing in game, such as earning badges or knocking out other players, in return for XP and cosmetic rewards.

Some events did not feature this challenge element, merely providing a boost in character XP.

Limited Time Modes[]

Limited Time Modes were, as the name suggests, limited time alternate game modes.

List of Seasons[]

Closed Beta[]

Main page: Crash Team Rumble/Closed Beta

The Closed Beta period of Crash Team Rumble, which ran from April 20th, 2023 to April 24th, 2023, featured a battlepass unique from the one present in Season 1 upon the game's full launch. It lacked the features of a full season, however, with no events or additions occurring during the beta. The beta notably featured skins and other cosmetics that are not available in the full game at launch, which will presumably be added in future updates.

Season 1: Launch[]

Rumble season 1 calendar
Main page: Crash Team Rumble/Season 1

This season had no particular theme, simply celebrating the game's launch.

Season 2: Party Mode[]

Crash Team Rumble Season 2
Main page: Crash Team Rumble/Season 2

This season was themed around parties in celebration of the addition of Party Mode.

  • Duration: September 12nd, 2023 - December 5th, 2023
  • New Maps: Waste Deep, Jazz Junction
  • New Heroes: Ripto
  • New Power: Minefield
  • Limited Time Mode(s): 3v3, Zap Trap and Wump-A-Rama

Season 3: All Fired Up[]

Crash Team Rumble Season 3
Main page: Crash Team Rumble/Season 3

This season was themed around the Spyro the Dragon series.

  • Duration: December 7th, 2023 - March 4th, 2024
  • New Map: Artisans Arena, Summer Forest
  • New Heroes: Spyro the Dragon, Elora
  • New Power: Bank Portal
  • Limited Time Modes: Clockstravaganza, Wumpa Whale, Bank Swap, Wump-A-Rama, Tokens of Annihilation, Zap Trap


Main page: Crash Team Rumble/Post-Season

The final update to the game after development of new content was ended, published on 4 March, 2024. While not a season to the game, it introduced a new battlepass with new items but no new characters, maps or powers.