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Seasons were a series of limited time post-launch events in Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!. Each season was based around a theme and ran for a number of weeks.

Game Mechanics[]

Team Leaderboard[]

With each season, the online team leaderboard started anew. Here, players worked together in teams of up to 30 members to collect as many trophies as possible, with bigger prizes available the higher your team ended up. When the season came to an end, players were given their prizes depending on where their team placed, and the leaderboard was reset for the next season with all players' trophy counts dropping to zero.


Introduced in The Return of Nitros Oxide!, the Pass was a gauge that filled up the more trophies the player earns. There were 30 tiers in this gauge total, with prizes such as ingredients and Portal Weapons, survival run tickets, crystals, experience points and skins being awarded to the player when they reached a new tier.

There were two sets of prizes available - the Free Pass, which was available to all players, and the Bandicoot Pass, which costed a single payment of real money to access, giving higher amounts of resources and rarer skins. Players who had bought the Bandicoot Pass would still receive the prizes from the Free Pass as well.


See: Mission Board

Introduced in The Return of Nitros Oxide, Missions were tasks requiring the player to gather a certain number of items or craft a certain number of Portal Weapons. Completing these missions rewarded the player with experience points and Mojo, which fills up a mojo gauge that awarded the player with high amounts of trophies when certain milestones are reached. Handing in a mission would consume the items that you had collected for the mission.

Seasonal Bosses[]

Introduced in Running Outta Time!, seasonal bosses were gangs that were made available to fight for a limited time. These gangs included bosses and henchmen that were exclusive to that specific season, with the boss being that season's host. These seasonal gangs yielded much higher amounts of trophies than normal gangs.

List of Seasons[]

Beta Phase[]

See: Beta Seasons

A few monthly seasons of 2 weeks were run during the beta phase of the game in order to test out the Team Leaderboards and Survival Run mode. Some had no rewards as the developers were still testing out how to attribute them to players. These seasons included:

  • Nina Cortex's Challenge (December 2020)
  • Dingodile's Challenge (January 2021)
  • Scorporilla's Challenge (March 2021)
  • Return of Nitros Oxide (test) (March 2021)

Launch Party![]

SeasonImage launch party

See: Launch Party!

The Launch Party!, as its name suggests, was made to celebrate the launch of the game. It was significantly shorter than later seasons, lasting only 5 days, and lacked a Pass or Missions. The skins rewarded on the Team Leaderboard were themed around Easter.

  • Duration - March 24th, 2021 - March 29th, 2021
  • Host - N/A
  • Skins Added - Chicken Crash, Bunny Coco

The Return of Nitros Oxide![]

OTR return of nitros oxide promo

See: The Return of Nitros Oxide!

Despite technically being the second season of the game since its launch, The Return of Nitros Oxide! is officially labelled Season 1.[1][2] This season was themed around science fiction and space, with Nitros Oxide serving as the main villain. Passes and Missions were introduced in this season, though the Mission Board didn't become active until April 1st. The season lasted for 5 weeks.

  • Duration - March 29th, 2021 - May 3rd, 2021
  • Host - Nitros Oxide
  • Skins Added - Nitros Crash, Nitros Coco, Velo Crash, Lab Assistant Crash, Android Coco, Velo Coco, Lab Assistant Coco, Retro Space Crash, Retro Space Coco

Running Outta Time![]

OTR running outta time

See: Running Outta Time!

Running Outta Time! was the second season of On the Run!. It was themed around time travel and ancient history, with N. Tropy (F) returning before her male counterpart to serve as the main villain. Seasonal gangs were introduced in this season. A cross-promotion with Domino's Pizza was also part of this season, with pizza themed skins being added and Domino's mascot The Noid being added as a henchman for seasonal gangs. The season lasted for 32 days.

  • Duration - May 6th, 2021 - June 7th, 2021
  • Host - N. Tropy (female)
  • Bosses Added - Tiny Tiger, Fake Coco, Nefarious Tropy (female) (seasonal)
  • Skins Added - Knight Crash, Knight Coco, Pharaoh Coco, Pizza Crash, Ancient Greece Crash, Steam Punk Crash, Pizza Coco, N. Tropy Coco, N. Tropy Crash, Pharaoh Crash, Ancient Egyptian Crash, Ancient Egyptian Coco, Steam Punk Coco, Ancient Greece Coco, Ripper Roo Crash, Pinstripe Coco, Western Crash, Western Coco, Wumpa Crash, Wumpa Coco

Battle of the Dragons[]

Season 3 artwork

See: Battle of the Dragons

Battle of the Dragons was the third season of On the Run!. It was themed around the Spyro the Dragon series, featuring Dark Spyro as the main villain and seasonal boss as well as Gnasty Gnorc. A handful of Pride Month themed skins were also added in this update.

  • Duration - June 10th, 2021 - July 12th, 2021
  • Host - Dark Spyro
  • Bosses Added - N. Gin, Koala Kong, Dark Spyro (seasonal), Gnasty Gnorc (seasonal)
  • Skins Added - Dark Spyro Crash, Dark Spyro Coco, Spyro Biker Crash, Hunter Crash, Ajax Crash, Bentley Crash, Moneybags Crash, Spyro Crash, Gnasty Gnorc Crash, Rainbow Prehistoric Crash, Rainbow Viking Crash, Rainbow Shirt Crash, Spyro Biker Coco, Sorceress Coco, Cyrus Coco, Bianca Coco, Elora Coco, Ripto Coco, Rainbow Shirt Coco, Rainbow Party Coco, Rainbow Berserker Coco

Survival of the Fastest[]

OTR season4 poster

See: Survival of the Fastest

Survival of the Fastest was the fourth season of On the Run!. It was themed around competitive sports, with Nitros Oxide returning once again as the main villain and seasonal boss unlike in the first season. Skins themed around the Olympics and international countries were also added in this update.

  • Duration - July 15th, 2021 - August 16th, 2021
  • Host - Nitros Oxide
  • Bosses Added - Nitros Oxide (seasonal)
  • Skins Added - Australia Jersey Coco, Australia Jersey Crash, Brazil Jersey Coco, Brazil Jersey Crash, Canada Jersey Coco, Canada Jersey Crash, Coco O'Possum, Evil Crash, Football Coco, France Jersey Coco, France Jersey Crash, Germany Jersey Coco, Germany Jersey Crash, Hockey Crash, India Jersey Coco, India Jersey Crash, Italy Jersey Coco, Italy Jersey Crash, Japan Jersey Coco, Japan Jersey Crash, Koala Kong Crash, Martial Arts Coco, Martial Arts Crash, Megumi Coco, Mexico Jersey Coco, Mexico Jersey Crash, Raygunner Crash, Runner Coco, Runner Crash, Russia Jersey Coco, Russia Jersey Crash, Saudi Arabia Jersey Coco, Saudi Arabia Jersey Crash, Soccer Coco, Soccer Crash, Sweden Jersey Coco, Sweden Jersey Crash, Swimmer Coco, Swimmer Crash, United Kingdom Jersey Coco, United Kingdom Jersey Crash, United States Jersey Coco, United States Jersey Crash

25th Anniversary![]

OTR season5 poster

See: 25th Anniversary!

25th Anniversary! was the fifth season of On the Run!. It was themed around the 25th anniversary of the Crash Bandicoot franchise, featuring Pinstripe Potoroo as the main villain. Skins themed around the history and characters of the Crash Bandicoot series were also added in this update.

  • Duration - August 19th, 2021 - September 20th, 2021
  • Host - Pinstripe Potoroo
  • Bosses Added - Pinstripe Potoroo (seasonal)
  • Henchmen Added - Sharkbite
  • Skins Added - 25th Anniversary Biker Coco, 25th Anniversary Biker Crash, 25th Anniversary Party Coco, 25th Anniversary Party Crash, Coco 4, Crash 4, Crunch Crash, Mind Over Coco, Penta Crash, Polar Crash, Pura Coco, Tag Team Coco, Titan Crash, Twinsanity Coco, Unicorn Coco, Unicorn Crash, Yaya Coco

Mr. Crumb's Dimension of Screams[]

OTR season6 poster

See: Mr. Crumb's Dimension of Screams

Mr. Crumb's Dimension of Screams was the sixth and final season of On the Run!. It was themed around Halloween, and featured Mr. Crumb as the primary antagonist, along with Grumbler returning as a henchman. Skins themed around Halloween costumes and monsters were also added in this update.

  • Duration - September 23th, 2021 - October 25th, 2021
  • Host - Mr. Crumb
  • Henchmen Added - Grumbler
  • Skins Added - Dolly Coco, Dolly Crash, Ghost Knight Coco, Ghost Knight Crash, Monster Coco, Monster Crash, Mummy Coco, Mummy Crash, Skeleton Coco, Skeleton Crash, Vampire Coco, Vampire Crash, Werewolf Coco, Werewolf Crash, Zombie Coco, Zombie Crash



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