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Run It Bayou is the third and final level of Mosquito Marsh and the sixteenth main level of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. The yellow gem can be also found in this level. In the beginning of the level, the player needs to jump via floating crates to a moving platform and then jump on the four crates on the left to reach the gem. The third Quantum Mask Kupuna-Wa is found after completing this level.


Crash and Coco are in New Orleans in the daytime, and they must pass through a few enemies until they arrive to where the third Quantum Mask, Kupuna-Wa is found. After doing so, Kupuna-Wa awakes from her hundreds of centuries of sleep like the other Quantum Masks. She greets the bandicoots like old friends, kisses Crash and tells him and Coco about their future before Lani-Loli interrupts her before she reveals how they all die and they travel to the 11th Dimension in the year 1954.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Arabic المستنقعات الجارية
almustanqaeat aljaria
Runny Swamps
French Au Cœur du Bayou In the Heart of the Bayou
German Sumpfiges Vergnügen Swampy Pleasure
Italian Io, Tu e il Bayou Me, You and the Bayou
Japanese ろじうらサーフィン
Roji ura sāfin
Alley Surfing
Polish Rozlewisko Pool
Portuguese Passando por Você Passing You
Russian Бегом через болото
Begom cherez boloto
Hurry through the Marsh
Spanish Río Abajo Downstream


Hidden Boxes

  • 6 against the steps behind the level spawn point


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