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Roo's Tubes is the second race course overall and the second race course of N. Sanity Beach in CTR: Crash Team Racing and Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled.

As the name suggests, is the home track of Ripper Roo, where he is faced in the first boss challenge.


This curving underwater course has some medium turns and a couple of large hills to hop off of, but no course obstacles to speak of. Learn it well - you'll be back here later to race the area boss, and the course also appears in the Green and Purple Gem Cups.

Crash Team Racing Prima strategy guide

Like Crash Cove; being one of the first tracks on the game, Roo's Tubes is very easy to win. The track essentially introduces the elements that are frequent in races: Crates lined up in rows of four, Environmental Hazards, etc. It is a basic figure-of-eight shape made of long, blue tunnels and large, rocky caverns. There are also pictures of Ripper Roo on the walls of the caverns. At the end, there is a huge skeleton which racers must drive through to finish. The whole track is within an underwater facility.

The track starts within a small cavern, and quickly proceeds down a short decline through a glass tunnel. There is a short turn to the left through another small cavern with a jump in it, before taking a long, gentle curve to the right through another tunnel, with a few boost pads along the way. At the end of the curve is a steep downhill section with a quick turn to the right, then back to the left at the end. There is a straight section here, before breaking back in to the cavern containing the finish line. Racers can either follow the left curve indicated by the road marked with bones, or take a sharp left turn to cut across the dirt straight to the finish line.

Early screenshot shows how this track used to look a lot greener and had different structures around the glass ceiling.

CTR Challenge[]

  • C: Right off the bat you will enter the first tube. After exiting the tube there will be a hill to jump. On the left side of the hill C is waiting. To get C jump before the peak of the hill.
  • T: After exiting the last tube, a skeleton arch can be seen. Instead jump on the gravel path on the left to reach T. It is right before the finish line. A word of caution since this stone path slows you down.
  • R: When you get the "C" you will enter another tube. After hitting 2 turbo pads, and passing some crates, R will be seen floating a little above the track. To get it, jump off the track. A really big jump is not needed.

Completing this earns the green CTR token. The other greens are found in Coco Park, Polar Pass and Cortex Castle.



Crash Team Racing[]

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled[]

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Arabic أنابيب روو
'anabib rww
Dutch Roo's Tubes
French Tubes Roo
German Roos Röhre
Italian Fiale di Roo
Japanese ホネホネ かいていトンネル
Honehone kaitei ton'neru
Portuguese Dutos do Roo
Spanish Tubos de Roo


  • In Nitro-Fueled, pufferfish, sharks, and sea mines can be seen in the aquarium.