The Rollerbrawl is a move that appears in Crash Twinsanity. Crash and Cortex rollerbrawl through Cavern Catastrophe and in a snowball at the end of Slip Slide Icecapades. While rollerbrawling, players control Crash and Cortex as one. It's meant to resemble the gameplay of riding in an Atlasphere, where the player cannot do anything but move, and must go through twisted tracks while avoiding deadly hazards.

Glitches with the rollerbrawl

There are several glitches that happen when performing this move:

  • In Slip Slide Icecapades, during the snowball rollerbrawl, there will be a ramp of two tubes with a gem at the end of it. If the player stays on the two tubes rolling back and forth, the snow will start to decrease until there is no more left on Crash and Cortex. If the player tries to roll back onto the ground, the snow will start to come back. The only way to prevent this is to keep rolling around on the tubes until Crash and Cortex become covered in an odd ball of black dust. However, this will not change the cutscene at the end of the level.
  • In Cavern Catastrophe, if the rollerbrawl rolls into a nitro crate in the segment with the two split paths, before Crash and Cortex are blown up, players can briefly see Crash disappear from the rollerbrawl.
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