Rockslide Rumble (ゴロゴロいわでゴー! lit. Go with the Rattling Rock in Japanese) is the thirteenth level Crash Twinsanity, and is also the first stage in the 10th Dimension and the second Humiliskate level. The main objective is to rescue Nina Cortex from Evil Crash, who is using her as a sled down the mountainside, similar to how Crash uses Cortex as a snowboard. The Evil Crash plot is continued in Twinsanity Island and Bandicoot Pursuit.

Opening Cutscene

  • Evil Crash grabs Nina and jumps off the balcony.
  • Cortex: "My daughter--er... niece! We must do something! Think Cortex, think!"
  • Crash kicks Cortex off the balcony.
  • Start of level.




Pitfalls are abundant in this level like all others.

Nitro Crates

There are more Nitro Crates in this level than others, but are mainly found as walls that are easily avoidable.

TNT Crates

Since this is a humiliskate level, TNT plays the same role as Nitro Crates.

Evil Crash and Nina

Going too fast and touching Evil Crash and Nina with hurt Crash and Cortex or cost them a life.


Ants will appear out of drills in this level, and hitting them or getting slashed by them will cost Crash and Cortex an Aku-Aku, or even a life.


  • This is one of the 10 skippable levels in the game.
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