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Robotic Janitors are a kind of enemy from Crash Twinsanity that only appears in the Academy of Evil and in the level Classroom Chaos.


The Robotic Janitor is seen in a few parts of Classroom Chaos, where he will be sweeping between two doors. If Cortex tries to walk past him, the janitor will hit Cortex with his broom, dealing damage to Cortex. To defeat, the janitor, the player must shoot the bell located somewhere beside the area with the Janitor and the two doors. Hitting this bell will cause it to ring, then, children will run out of one of the doors and proceed into the door across, trampling the janitor in the process.



  • The Robotic Janitor has unused behaviors in the game that imply that Robot Janitors would have been in some type of game of soccer.
  • It is possible to get past the Janitor without shooting the bell by simply sliding beside him.
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