Ring Rally is a gameplay mode that was added to Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled via the update on November 8, 2019. In this mode, the goal is to drive through circular, colorful rings to score the most points. Every race course has rings placed throughout the track.  The racer gets points for going through every ring. Each ring is worth 1000 points on lap 1 when the rings are red, then 1100 points on lap 2 when the rings are purple, 1200 on lap 3 when the rings are orange/yellow, 1300 on lap 4 when the rings are pink, 1400 on lap 5 when the rings are bright yellow, 1500 on lap 6 when the rings are blue, 1600 on lap 7 when the rings are green, and 2000 on laps 8+ when the rings stay sky blue. There are also points earned at the end of each lap's completion based on how much time was left (100 points per second). The challenge ends when the time hits zero. Starting with 5 seconds, the player earns time by going through rings. The rings become smaller (and award less time) each lap, and thus more difficult to hit. 

Also, the player gets a speed boost upon passing through each ring and, starting with the third lap, gets blue fire. 

The amount of Wumpa Coins are tallied to the number of rings and the score. 

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