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Ring Ding is the twenty-second level in Crash Bash, the seventh stage in the fourth warp room and the first Medieval Mayhem arena. In order to win, the players have to pop the most balloons. They move around on a rotating wooden cog against three other opponents. Depending on which way the cog rotates, players can walk with or against the force of the cog. They can open purple crates or pop the black balloon for an advantage in scoring. They can also use Square to kick open crates or temporarily stun their opponents.


The following are the colors of the balloons associated to the four players:

  • Player 1: Yellow
  • Player 2: Red
  • Player 3: Blue
  • Player 4: Green

Special Items[]

  • Balloons - Balloons are popped in the game to score points and win; the player must pop their own color balloon to score. If someone pops a balloon that isn't their own color, they will be temporarily stunned.
  • Black Balloon - If the player pops the balloon, it will do one of the following:
    • Turn all of the balloons temporarily to their color. However, other black balloons will not change color. After five seconds, balloons return to their original color.
    • Pop the opponents' balloons.
    • Change the direction of the ring.
  • Purple ? - Contains either hover boots or vacuum cleaner.
  • Vacuum Cleaner - Vacuums are very helpful items as they will suck all the players' own balloons towards them. After eleven seconds, the vacuum cleaner goes away. It will also go away when the player with it is hit by an opponent, or if the player is stunned by hitting a balloon of an opponent's color.
  • Hover Boots - These make the player able to move freely instead of moving being affected by the movement of the ring. Hover boots last for eight seconds.


  • Trophy: Win 3 times.
  • Gem: Reduce the number of points to zero in the allotted time. Player 1 starts with 30 points while the opponents starts at 25 points (For 2p story, Team 1 starts at 40 points and Team 2 starts at 30 points). Time limit is 85 seconds.
  • Crystal: The player must avoid bursting balloons that are not the player's color.
  • Gold Relic: Win 2 times against the champions of the arena.
  • Platinum Relic: Win 3 times against the champions.


Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Japanese フーセンの そら
Fūsen no sora


  • Ring Ding is the only Medieval Mayhem minigame located outside the fifth Warp Room.
  • In the original NTSC-U version of the game, the gem challenge in Adventure mode is always erroneously played in team game mode, making it much easier.