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Rihu, also known as Monpuu, is a mischievious monkey originating from Crash Bandicoot: Dance! Then Jump! Na Daibōken. He debuts in the second volume's fourth chapter, Get Them Back! The Power Stones!.

He is based on one of the Monkey enemies from Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.


Crash Bandicoot: Dance! Then Jump! Na Daibōken[]

Rihu first appears in the second volume's fourth chapter, Get Them Back! The Power Stones!. When Rihu discovers that Crash had stolen his lunch, he furiously attacks him. When Crash realises that the food had made him sick, Rihu laughs at him before noticing the box of power stones Crash had dropped. Rihu is capivated by the stones, and decides to steal them as payback for Crash stealing his food. Aku Aku urges Crash to do something, but he's too sick to stand, allowing Rihu to get away. Just when Rihu thinks he's safe, Crash comes desparately hobbling through the jungle after him. Rihu climbs a tree to get away, but Crash grabs onto his tail, and Rihu throws the power stones to the ground to get Crash to leave him alone. Crash takes the bait and lets go, only to land flat on his face, allowing Rihu to take the stones back before disappearing into the bushes. When Rihu arrives back at his spring, he is confronted by a large Gorilla who easily overpowers him, taking over Rihu's territory and taking the stones for himself. Seeing this as an opportunity to get the stones back, Crash attacks the gorilla, making Rihu regret his poor treatment of the bandicoot. After Crash successfully defeats the gorilla, Rihu cheerfully thanks him, apologising for being rude to him.

Later, in the manga's final main chapter, GO! To Outer Space on a JetPack!, Rihu returns to help Crash again. When Crash explains that he's looking for something to wear to go to space, Rihu jokes that a formal suit is required for politely greeting aliens. He then agrees to go and retrieve a proper spacesuit for Crash to use. Later in the chapter, Rihu returns with the spacesuit, and points Crash towards Penta Penguin's JetPack store for a way to reach space.


Physical description[]

Rihu is a flexible little monkey with ears that point upwards and a long tail. He has a metal armband on his right arm. Due to the manga being printed in black and white, his coloration is unknown.


Rihu is a mischievous trickster. He doesn't like to share, and is easily captivated by shiny novelties. He is very playful and jokes around with his allies, and takes to calling Crash "bro" after they become friends.