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This armor plated beast rolls himself into a ball to knock down enemies (or even friends) that look at him funny.

The RhinoRoller (also known simply as Roller) is a hybrid titan found in both Crash of the Titans and Crash: Mind Over Mutant. Its ability to curl into a ball lets Crash roll through trenches and cross gaps in the wild areas where it lives. In Mind Over Mutant, Crash can ride RhinoRoller down rails, through loops and up ramps. Special gate-opening generators, called Roller Switches, are also scattered throughout Wumpa Island. They are powered by RhinoRoller's spin. In Crash: Mind Over Mutant, a group of RhinoRollers free from Cortex's control can be found in a cave in the Wasteland. A RhinoRoller cub will give Crash minigames when spoken to after beating Cortex.


RhinoRoller appears to be a mix between a rhinoceros, an armadillo, and a lion. Bulky and aggressive, it sports thick armor plates, tough claws, and large horns and fangs. RhinoRoller's most notable feature is its ability to curl into a ball. While sluggish in its quadrupedal form, it gains great speed by rolling, which is its primary method of attack. In Crash of the Titans, it switches between its ball and quadrupedal forms with the 'heavy attack' button; in Mind Over Mutant it is permanently balled while jacked. It can be found in the Lumber Yard in Crash of the Titans and the Wasteland in Mind Over Mutant. RhinoRoller cubs lack the armor, horns and canines of the adults.


Horn Attack/Light Attack: An ability exclusive to Crash of the Titans. RhinoRoller jabs an opponent with its horn just once.

Pound/Light Attack: Exclusive to Mind Over Mutant, this replaces the Horn Attack. RhinoRoller pounds the ground, flattening whatever's beneath it. Can be combined with a jump for greater area of effect.

Speed Boost: In Mind Over Mutant, RhinoRoller gains this ability in place of a heavy attack. It gets a quick burst of speed while rolling, useful for crossing wide gaps, or for building momentum on U-shaped ramps and loops in the Wasteland. For these ramps, simply pressing the 'heavy attack' button builds sufficient momentum; manually turning is not necessary as RhinoRoller changes direction automatically.

Thunderbowl: RhinoRoller is surrounded by energy as it speeds up, leaving fire and smoke in its wake. In this state, RhinoRoller damages everything it touches, is invincible to attack, and deflects projectiles. This attack continuously drains the Titan Meter and ends only once it is fully depleted. It cannot be restarted until the Titan Meter is full again.

Brake: Pressing the 'block' button allows RhinoRoller to brake while rolling.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Rinorrodante portmanteau of 'rinoceronte' (lit. rhinoceros) and 'rodante' (lit. rolling (adj.))
French Rhinoroller same as English
Dutch Rinoroller portmanteau of 'rinoceros' (lit. rhinoceros) and 'rollen' (lit. to roll)
German Rhinoroller portmanteau of 'Rhinozeros' (lit. rhinoceros) and 'rollen' (lit. to roll)
Italian Rinorotante portmanteau of 'rinoceronte' (lit. rhinoceros) and 'rotare' (lit. rotate/spin)
Finnish Sarvikieppo portmanteau of 'sarvikuono' (lit. rhinoceros) and 'kieppi' (lit. coil)
Danish Næsehornsruller portmanteau of 'næsehorn' (lit. rhinoceros) and 'rulle' (lit. roll)
Norwegian Neshornball portmanteau of 'neshorn' (lit. rhinoceros) and 'ball' (lit. ball)
Swedish Noshörnsrullare portmanteau of 'noshörning' and 'rulla' (lit. roll)
Russian Динокат
portmanteau of 'дино' (lit. Dino) and the root of 'кататься' (lit. to ride/drive)




  • They may be knocked into the air when hitting or being hit by some titans in Crash of the Titans. Enemy RhinoRoller take additional damage upon landing after being hit, generally enough to stun them.
  • The RhinoRoller's original name was Roller. In Mind Over Mutant, Aku Aku still calls them this.
  • If Crash speaks to the villagers of Ratcicle Kingdom while riding a RhinoRoller, they may comment on it.
  • According to the RhinoRoller elder in Mind Over Mutant, RhinoRollers were created around two years before the events of the game.