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Retro Stadium is the thirty-second and only PlayStation 4-exclusive race course in Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled.


Retro Stadium is based on Turbo Track from Crash Team Racing, and is styled to look similar to how it did on the original PlayStation game. It has the same layout as Turbo Track and most of the environment is the same, with the exception of the stadium having PlayStation banners on it. Accordingly, its background music is the same as Tiny Arena and Turbo Track itself.

This track shares the same Time Trials, Relic Times, Time Crates and CTR letters placement as Turbo Track. It is however not required to beat to unlock any reward associated to Time Trials. Similarly, it does not include a Beenox Crate.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Arabic الملعب الكلاسيكي
almaleab alkilasikiu
Classic Stadium
French Stade Rétro (Same as English)
German Retro-Stadion (Same as English)
Italian Arena Retro Retro Arena
Japanese レトロスタジアム
(Same as English)
Portuguese Estadio Retrô (Same as English)
Spanish Estadio Retro (Same as English)


  • Texture filtering was specifically disabled for the environment in order to give it a more authentic "pixelated" look, according to Thomas Wilson, creative director at Beenox.
  • Unlike the original PlayStation version of Turbo Track, the turbo pads are static and don't show the animated motion of the chevrons.