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Ramblers are members of N. Gin's extensive gang of minions from Hazardous Wastes in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time.


Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time[]

Ramblers are short, grey or green-skinned humans that can be found in the Hazardous Wastes levels. Overall, they appear in four distinct varieties.


The basic form of ramblers have no weapons or other equipment. When approached, they will scream and run either in circles or back and forth down a set path, hurting the player character if they touch them. They can be easily defeated with a spin or slide attack, or by jumping on their heads. They only appear in the level A Real Grind.

Ramblers make a small cameo in Crash Team Rumble, being visible in the artwork for the Electric Score Top Performer Music.

Buzzsaw Rambler[]

These ramblers are equipped with a large buzzsaw. They will turn on the saw and walk back and forth when the player character approaches, swinging the saw in front of themselves. The saw protects them from being attacked from the front and to the sides, meaning players must attack from behind or above to defeat them. Buzzsaw ramblers can be found in the levels Crash Compactor, Hit the Road and Truck Stopped.

Flame Helmet Ramblers[]

This rambler variety comes with a metal helmet on their heads, which spews flames when activated. These flames protect them from being jumped on, meaning they can only be defeated with a spin or a slide. They act similarly to buzzsaw ramblers, marching back and forth on a set path. They appear in Crash Compactor and Hit the Road.

They also appear as a mechanic in N. Gin's boss stage, Stage Dive. They can be seen rocking out to Rawkit Hëd's music on platforms in the third phase, or running toward the player during the first and second. Hitting one will send it flying back into the W.O.M.P., rendering N. Gin vulnerable and allowing the player character to attack him. A massive crowd of ramblers also serves as the concert's audience, with rambler arms forming devil horns poking out of the fog.

Rambling Rollers[]

Rambling rollers are a rambler variety who sit inside of a spiked atlasphere cage. They bounce up and down on Iron Arrow Crates and cannot be defeated, serving more as an obstacle than an enemy. Concept art shows a rambling roller actively rolling around in their atlasphere, though no such thing occurs in-game. They only appear in Crash Compactor.

Names in Other Languages[]
Language Name
Arabic المتحدرج المعدني
almutahadrij almaediniu
French Rouleur Incohérent
German Rollender Rabauke
Italian Borbottio Rotolante
Japanese さまよう ローラー
Samayō rōrā
Polish Wędrowny Walec
Russian Сферодав
Spanish Rodillo Errante




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