The strongest and the most evil of the ancient elemental masks, Py-Ro controls the element of fire. His temper is known to go off like a volcano when perturbed.

The Wrath of Cortex instruction manual

Py-Ro is the Elemental of Fire and the strongest of the Elementals as well as their leader. When perturbed, his temper is known to go off like a volcano, though he is somewhat calm, if not somewhat insane. He can conjure fire from the ground or as a wall and transforms Crunch into a load of smoldering rocks in his form, showing he may have power over the Earth element. He is voiced by Mark Hamill in the English version and voiced by Toshitaka Shimizu in the Japanese version.


  • (laughs) "On the contrary, Aku Aku, it spells disaster for you and the precious planet you care so much about. Destroy him!"
  • "I realize my brethren have had some trouble with you, my little orange friend, but I'm not quite sure why. Hmm, is it getting hot in here? Is it safe to be wearing that fur!? It looks FLAMMABLE!"
  • "Hmm, I have a taste for some deep-fried bandicoot."
  • "Hope you brought your sunscreen, cause you're gonna burn!"
  • "Ah, the triumphant hero Crash reduced to a pile of smoldering ash."



  • Py-Ro's name comes from the word "pyro" which is short for "pyromaniac", "pyrocellulose", "pyrotechnic" or "pyrogallic".
  • Py-Ro is the only member of the Elementals who speaks during Uka Uka and Aku Aku's meeting at the Hyperspace Temple, hinting that Py-Ro is the leader.
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