The Purple ? and ! Crates are special types of crates that appear in Crash Bash. Purple ? Crates appear in Drain Bash, Ring Ding, and Mallet Mash. In Drain Bash, they must be kicked or thrown to release their contents, in which case either a wumpa fruit or a weapon will appear. These weapons are the homing energy orbs, eight way missiles, or sonic rings. In Ring Ding, they contain either hover boots or the vacuum cleaner. In Mallet Mash, they contain either speedy boots or a shock wave.

Purple ! crates are another type of crate exclusive to Crash Bash. It appears in all of the Pogo Pandemonium levels except for Pogo-a-Gogo. After landing on this crate, all of the player's squares will turn into points.

The Purple ! Crate reappeared in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled as an Exotic skin for the Iron Checkpoint Crate. It can be unlocked by coming 1st place in 40 races while playing as the Iron Checkpoint Crate.



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