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The Pterodactyl is an enemy in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped and the N. Sane Trilogy in the remaster of the third game. It is based on a species of real prehistoric reptiles due to Crash going to a period of prehistoric times.

They were first seen in the level Bone Yard where they perch on a log, and wait for their next victim during the chase, in this case Crash running from the Triceratops. They can easily be killed with a spin or jump, if timed correctly. If not, they will grab Crash or Coco and fly away.

The second pterodactyl in the gem path of Dino Might! will take Crash to Eggipus Rex if it carries him away. In Eggipus Rex, the pterodactyls serve as moving platforms for Crash and Baby T to bounce off of. Though it's mistakenly named Pterodactyl, the name of the reptile is Pteranodon.


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