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The Psychetron is a machine that is used to transport people; even buildings, to various dimensions. It was created by Dr. Cortex and it was located at the Iceberg Lab.

Crash Twinsanity[]

The Psychetron is the main machine that was needed to teleport Crash, Cortex and Nina to the 10th Dimension. The machine needs six power crystals to teleport them to the 10th Dimension: however, Crash and Cortex only have four for the moment. Cortex realizes that N. Gin's Battleship has power crystals in it so they go there to gather them. After they get back from N. Gin's Battleship, Coco appears and hits Cortex, making him toss the power crystals into the center of the machine, causing it to malfunction and paralyze Coco. Cortex says that the machine is ruined and needs to be fixed by his niece, Nina. After they get Nina from the Academy of Evil, Nina fixes the machine by smacking the control pad. It then teleports them to the 10th Dimension, allowing them to reach the Evil Twins and defeat them. At the end of the game, Cortex tries to use it to send Crash away, but the machine backfires and sends Cortex into Crash's brain.



  • The Psychetron's name is play of of the word "psyche."
  • Before Cortex sends them into the 10th Dimension, Cortex says, "It should have been two dimensions, but we ran out of time." The Psychetron was supposed to send them into 2 dimensions, but that idea was cut.
  • The Psychetron has multiple malfunctions, some not even in the game. They are: shooting beams at random directions that paralyses people (Coco was hit by one), transporting someone into a person's mind (shown in the end of the game, where Cortex is in the Brainoval Hyperbrainium, the main area of where a character is transported to. There were going to be two levels where Crash has to go into Cortex's brain and Cortex has to go into Coco's brain.), and reverse a person's appearance and personality (the Mock-a-Dock level would use that, but is was removed).
  • A modified version of the "Klaxon" sound-- an alarm often heard in Canadian Sci-Fi series "SG-1 Stargate SG-1" during an offworld activation and also heard in the beginning of the Crash Bandicoot 2 level Pack Attack-- can be heard when near the Psychetron in the 10th Dimension.
  • Psychetron sound in 10th Dimension: