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Polar Push is a minigame genre in Crash Bash. The player rides a polar bear cub (that looks like Polar) and tries to knock the opponents off the icy platform they are standing on. There are four Polar Push minigames: Polar Panic, Tilt Panic, Melt Panic, and Manic Panic. The Bearminator boss fight is styled like Polar Push. The polar bears have a stamina meter which quickly increases. Charging at another player takes away a large portion of it; the amount changes depending on the character. If a character is unable to use their charge ability, they are more vulnerable to being pushed around.

There is usually a hovering robot that gives the player power ups or "power downs" (although this robot is replaced with Uka Uka in Melt Panic. Uka Uka only gives the player "power downs" and he also melts the platform). Power ups include making the player bigger (and thus stronger) and lightning, which temporarily immobilizes everyone (for six seconds) except for whoever has it when the music ends (after ten seconds) and their teammate (if playing on teams). "Power downs" include shrinking the player (making them easier to knock off the platform) and weights, which are similar to the lightning, except whoever has it when the music ends (after ten seconds) is crushed and killed by a weight.

In Melt Panic, Uka Uka's beam can temporarily turn players into snowballs and freeze them. Bombs also spawn in Manic Panic and when thrown at opponents, their polar bear is killed and they have to fight without it. If they are hit by a bomb while they are off their polar bear, they are killed.  Also, a player without a polar bear cannot charge back onto the ice to save him/herself from falling.

In battle and tournament modes, the Polar Push minigames are available from the beginning.

Character Abilities[]

  • Crash Bandicoot / Coco Bandicoot / Fake Crash - These characters give average pushes with medium power that use up 50% of their stamina. Not only does this allow them to charge twice, but it also makes them very agile.
  • Doctor Neo Cortex / N. Brio - These characters give the most powerful pushes using their jet packs that can knock enemies away if aimed correctly. However, this uses up 100% of their stamina, so they will have to wait a while for it to recharge again. These characters should be careful if they miss a target, because the huge power can throw themselves off the arena and make them vulnerable.
  • Tiny Tiger / Koala Kong - These characters give strong pushes that use up around 70% of their stamina. These characters should be careful because the huge power can throw themselves off the arena, as well as leave them open to counter attacks if they miss.
  • Dingodile / Rilla Roo - These characters give mediocre pushes with poor power that use up 50% of their stamina, allowing them to charge twice in a row. These characters can move around the arena with their charges to avoid being hit, albeit not as well as Crash and Coco.


Analogue Stick/Directional Buttons: Move

Square Button: Charge

Square Button: Tap when on edge of the ice to return to the arena (only if on a polar bear)

Circle Button: Throw bomb (Manic Panic only)


Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Greek Πολική Ώθηση[1]
Polikí Óthisi
Japanese ガッチンステージ[2]
Spanish Fuerza Polar[3]