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Pogo-a-Gogo (かこんで ホッピン lit. Encircling Hopping in Japanese) is the seventh level in Crash Bash, the second Pogo Pandemonium arena and the third stage in the second warp room. It requires the players to encircle an area to score points. The music here, along with N. Ballism, is a remix of Dr. N. Tropy's theme from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped.


The following are the colors of the squares associated to the four players:

  • Player 1: Yellow
  • Player 2: Red
  • Player 3: Blue
  • Player 4: Green

Special Items

  • 4-way Missile - Players can collect missiles from the arena and shoot them at others. Someone who is hit by a missile will stop for a few seconds and will lose speedy boots, electro stun beams, or missiles if that player is carrying any of those. In this level, missiles go in four directions, so the player does not need to face a certain direction to use it.
  • Electro Stun Beam - Can be used to stun players.
  • Speedy Boots - Temporarily causes the player to move faster than normal. Lasts for eight seconds.
  • Arrow - Both one-directional and two-directional arrows appear in this minigame.


  • Trophy: Win 3 times.
  • Gem: Reduce the number points to zero in the allotted time. Player 1 starts with 150 points while the opponents start with 90 points. (for 2P story, Team 1 starts with 300 points and Team 2 starts with 180 points)
  • Crystal: Score the most number of points in one go.
  • Gold Relic: Win 2 times against the champions of the arena.
  • Platinum Relic: Win 3 times against the champions.




  • In most arenas, the crystal challenge puts the player at a disadvantage against the AI. However, that is not the case here. Therefore, most players consider this to be an easy arena to get a crystal from.
  • The maximum points one player can get in the crystal challenge (or on one single move in the normal gameplay) in this arena is 61. This can be achieved by making a full square through the whole stage. Though it consists of 64 spaces, 3 of them will not be colored because the other three players will be standing on one space each.
  • This is one of the few minigames that appeared in the demo version of the game. The others are Polar Panic and Pogo Painter.
    • In the demo's Adventure Mode, the player can see unreachable entrances to Crashball and Space Bash. The reason for this is unknown.