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Throughout Crash's multiple decades of history, many pieces of merchandise have been released; including many lines of plushes.


In 1998, a line of Keychain plushes were released by Resaurus, the same company responsible for the well-known Action figures released around the same time. The line included Crash, Coco, Cortex and Komodo Moe. There were two Crash variants; one featured flat fabric hair and eyebrows, while the other had fake fur hair and eyebrows which often covered the plush's eyes. These plushes were sold at Universal Studios theme parks, due to Universal owning the Crash IP at the time.


Banpresto plush set

This set of plushes was released exclusively in Japan in 1998, using the Japanese design. The set consisted of five variants of Crash in different poses.

Santa Crash[]

1998 JP santa crash plush

This plush was released in Japan in 1998, presumably in December. It is rather rare and has no company markings on the tag, leaving its origins mysterious. The tag labels the plush as "not for sale", implying this plush was likely meant to just be a promotional piece.

Universal Studios Japan[]

JP universal studios plush

This plush was sold in Universal Studios Japan in 1999.


This plush line was released in 2000 by Namco, exclusively in Japan. The line included Crash, Biker Crash, Aviator Crash and Fake Crash.

The Fake Crash plush from this line is sometimes erronously presented as part of the myth of a bootleg Crash plush being inspiration for Fake Crash's design, but the plush is official and was released years after the character of Fake Crash was introduced into the series.

Play by Play (2001)[]

Toy Network[]

Released from 2003-2005, Toy Network created a series of holiday-themed outfits for Crash, covering occasions from Christmas to St. Patrick's Day.




These plushes were released in 2018 by Kidrobot under the PHUNNY plush line. The set included Crash, a "Crazy Eyes" Crash variant, Coco and Cortex.

Play by Play (2020-2023)[]

This set was released in 2020 to promote Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. The first wave included 3 Crash variants, while the Cortex was released later in the same year.

Later, in 2023, a second wave of plushes featuring Coco and Dingodile was released to promote Crash Team Rumble. Coco was released in August, while Dingodile was released in November.


This 8 inch Crash plush was released by itself in May 2022 by Headstart. A 12 inch variant was released later the same year in July.