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Platinum Relic by CAJH

The Platinum Relic

The Platinum Relic, in the Crash Bandicoot series, represents the highest achievement in such events as the time trials in Crash Team Racing or bashes from Crash Bash. It is preceded by the gold relic and the sapphire relic, which descend in order of achievement respectively.

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

This game is the first appearance of the relics, including all three types of relics, the sapphire, gold, and platinum. Platinum relics in this game are the most difficult to obtain, requiring a near-perfect run through a level. Crash can also use the bazooka to shoot the time watch when it is behind him. This may seem like it wouldn't do much but every second counts. Generally, platinum relics in regular platforming levels can only be obtained with the Crash Dash.

Crash Team Racing/Crash Nitro Kart/Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

If the player is able to run a relic race in under a certain amount of time, they will be rewarded a platinum relic. On some tracks, breaking every Time Crate in the level makes the platinum easier due to the 10-second time reduction.

Crash Bash

In Crash Bash, to win a platinum relic, the player must defeat the three champions of a certain arena three times in a row. They start to appear after earning a trophy on Mallet Mash, a level that requires 21 gold relics to unlock. However, the platinum relic challenge is only available on levels where a gold relic has already been obtained. In Crash Bash, platinum relics are incorrectly sapphire-colored.



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