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Pirates of the Carburetor

Pirates of the Carburetor (かりめんのかいぞく lit. Pirates of Learner's License in Japanese) is the second race course in Crash Tag Team Racing. This is the only race in Mystery Island that has a Park Drone as a target and is the second of three race courses in Mystery Island. He is held up by a giant squid and if he is hit, he will fly away. At one point in the race, there is the shark sign from the Die-O-Rama shark.

Stage parameters


  • Total: 65
  • Gold: 55
  • Silver: 50
  • Bronze: 40
  • Time Limit: 1:25

Fast Lap:

  • Gold: 1:10
  • Silver: 1:13
  • Bronze: 1:16

Rolling Thunder:

  • Gold: 22
  • Silver: 15
  • Bronze: 10

Run And Gun:

  • Total: 36
  • Gold: 30
  • Silver: 25
  • Bronze: 15


Crash Tag Team Racing - Pirates of the Carburetor

Crash Tag Team Racing - Pirates of the Carburetor


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