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Park Drones are non-player characters in Crash Tag Team Racing. They are the underpaid, non-unionized workers that perform a magnitude of jobs across Von Clutch's MotorWorld. The Park Drones all sound to be male, and are voiced by Bill Farmer, Chris Coppola, Charles Dennis, Jess Harnell and Roger L. Jackson.


The Park Drones often serve no real purpose, other than being objects of humor, and comic relief in the game. They act as 'runners', or workers who fulfil any job they are given, and are notoriously underpaid for their dangerous work conditions. They also are tasked with cleaning the race tracks, and are often found cleaning the road, even if a race is currently being held. They will stand at the sides of some tracks and can be hit by cars, which will send them flying away. Some park drones can sell Crash either clothing or crystals, and some others host mini-games where crystals and Wumpa Coins are offered as prizes.

Because of their status as butt monkeys, Park Drones are often featured in the game's gags where they are frequently hurt or even killed when they are present, such as being crushed under a car or fed to sharks. They can also be found roaming about the entrance to the park, where they can be attacked or talked with.



As they are what is assumed to be humans, the Park Drones all have different personalities and outlooks toward their career. Park drones who act as vendors have a range of different personalities, ranging from excitable and eccentric, to conniving and mischievous. However, most of the park drones are depressed and apathetic towards their job, with some even being openly suicidal if talked to or attacked.


Park Drones seem to be humans dressed in what looks to be protective biohazard suits with showerhead-like breathing tubes. They can be found around the park doing jobs normally associated with custodians or mechanics. They also take the role of the park's secondary mascots after Willie Wumpa Cheeks, and meet-and-greet characters, such as dressed as a desert shaman in Tomb Town, or playing the role of Rapunzel in Happily Ever Faster.

Names In Other Languages[]

Language Name
Japanese ドローン



  • Like several other characters in Tag Team Racing, the Park Drones make references to movies, books and other video games in popular culture. For example, they can react to being attacked by yelling 'Freedom!', which is a reference to the 1995 movie, Braveheart.
  • The Park Drones are one of very few characters to never return for a sequel or later game in the Crash Bandicoot franchise. Notable others are Willie Wumpa Cheeks and Farmer Ernest.