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Papu's Pyramid (ひとくいばな テンプル lit. Man-eating Flower Temple in Japanese) is the home track of Papu Papu and is the seventh race course in Crash Team Racing and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled; it and the battle arena, Rampage Ruins, are based upon the levels The Lost City and Sunset Vista (from Crash Bandicoot) as the faces on the side of the walls are the same as the ones on these levels.

It is also where Papu Papu is raced in the game. It is in the Red (as well as Crash Cove, Mystery Caves, and Blizzard Bluff) and Purple (as well as Roo's Tubes, Dragon Mines, and Hot Air Skyway) Gem Cups. It is also in the Nitro Cup grand prix (as well as Mystery Caves, Cortex Castle, and Tiny Arena). Scattered throughout the course are Venus fly traps which devour racers that get too close.


This track takes place on and around a massive pyramid temple in the jungle, built in Papu Papu's honour. The track is built from great golden stone, with carvings of Papu Papu's face found on some walls. Giant Venus Fly Traps act as hazards, and there are many places to fall to your demise.

The track begins with an immediate uphill turn to the right, leading racers to the great spiral. The spiral consists of three right-angle turns to the left, bringing racers up and around the pyramid itself. After the spiral is a curve to the left with three venus fly traps along the way. Alternatively, racers can turn sharply to the left and cut across the grass. Next is a gentle turn right then a curve to the left which lead down some big steps. Alternatively there is a shortcut, where instead of turning right, racers jump off the edge to the left onto a column, then down to the track below, cutting the corner.

Racers can then either proceed forth down the steps towards two more fly traps under the bridge, or jump onto the ledge on the left over the bridge for a small shortcut. After this is a right turn uphill, where there is a big right curve with one more fly trap before descending downhill rightward to the finish line. Alternatively is one final shortcut, jumping off the right side of the track when heading up the hill, cutting the curve and avoiding the fly trap area entirely.

CTR Challenge

  • C: After the first few Venus fly traps this letter can be found on top of the pillar used for the shortcut.
  • T: The T require the second ledge shortcut to obtain, being retrieved by jumping off the end.
  • R: Hidden on the inside of a tight corner right near the end of the circuit.



Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled


  • It is possible to jump off a wall near the start and land at the finish line but the game will not count it as a lap.
  • The Venus Fly Traps are in their Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back design.
  • If the player is skilled enough and breaks all the relic crates, a negative time can be achieved. This track, along with Sewer Speedway and Turbo Track, are the only stages in the game where this is possible.
  • The track can be compared to the Crash Nitro Kart race track Jungle Boogie, as they are both tribal-themed tracks. Both are home tracks of tribesmen - Papu Papu and Krunk, respectively. Both tracks are comprised of stone with a set of giant stone steps, though Papu's Pyramid seems to be made entirely out of stone, whereas one part of Jungle Boogie is comprised of a dirt track, while another is comprised of a wooden bridge. Jungle Boogie also doesn't have any sharp corners while Papu's Pyramid has several of them.
  • In a 2-player race, if Player 1 stands on the pyramid where the C would be, Player 2's Missiles and Warp Orbs will not track them accurately. This could be because the pyramid is not designated as being part of the course route.
  • The cover art of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled takes place on this track.
  • During the first reveal of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, a turbo pad can be seen in the jump just before the lap, but no such turbo pad actually exists; both in the original CTR and in the remaster. 
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