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Yellow Pants Crate
A Pants Crate is a rare type of crate in the Crash Bandicoot series.

Gameplay Significance

The Pants Crate's function is purely aesthetic- it changes the color of Crash's pants from his default blue to the color depicted on the crate, which can be either red, green, yellow, white, orange, purple or black. Along with the change, a wolf-whistle will be heard in the background as well.


Many of the Pants crates

The color of the pants on the crate is randomized each time it is encountered, and once the player leaves the level, Crash's pants return to their default color. However, any of the pants found in these crates can be worn permanently through the use of cheat codes.


These crates are rare and exclusive to Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage. It is the only type of crate that does not actually help the player or pose a threat to them.

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