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Padlocks are special items found in the Pogo Padlock minigame in Crash Bash. When a player collects the lock, all of his/her squares will be locked in to that player's color for a limited time, so other players can't turn the squares into a different color by stepping on them. Also, if a player has the padlock, then that player can step on a square of his/her own color, without losing all of his/her squares, which is unlike what normally happens in Pogo Padlock. The padlock moves around until it is collected, unlike the other special items in Pogo Padlock (speedy boots and missiles) which stay on one square until collected by a player.

After eight seconds, the player loses the padlock. Also, if a player carrying the padlock is hit with a missile, the player loses the padlock, and all of his/her squares.

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