Ocean Commotion is one of the cut levels from Crash Twinsanity in which Crash, controlling Mecha-Bandicoot, must destroy the Evil Twins' Vice-Versa Reversa Device. This would have been the only level where the player would get to play entirely as Mecha-Bandicoot for a full level. No screenshots or gameplay of this level were ever released, but this would probably take place on rock platforms across the sea (see underwater glitch). The Evil Twins' boss was probably at the end of this level. Because of being able to play as Mecha-Bandicoot for a full level, there would have been Mecha-Bandicoot Life Crates.

Cut Cutscene

Following the attack on the lab, Uka Uka complains that since even his and Aku Aku's magic combined proved ineffective against the Evil Twins' power, no one can stop them. Cortex then decides to bring in more brute force, explaining that Mecha-Bandicoot has an electronic brain programmed with Crash's own thoughts. Crash, who's sucking on a light bulb, gets electrocuted for 3 seconds before the bulb overloads and blows up. Aku Aku questions if that was a smart move, though Cortex ignores him and activates Mecha-Bandicoot's autopilot, stating nothing could go wrong. Papu Papu is then seen with his tribe panicking as Mecha-Bandicoot is seen climbing the waterfall.

Cut Hints

A couple of hints would make an appearance to this level.

  • Tap [Square] to shoot missiles.
  • Hit [Circle] to unleash the chainsaw.
  • Press and hold square to shoot a plasma blast.