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Nitro Processing is the first story level of Cortex Island (1996) and the thirty-first main level of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time.


After barely managing to stay on Cortex's airship, Crash and Coco follow him back to Cortex Island in 1996, but end up into the island's factory. Cortex communicates with his past self using his "super secret personal frequency", as the two bandicoots watch over, in an attempt to convince him(self) to abort the experiment which led to the creation of Crash. This comes to no avail as the past Cortex grows confused and distraught, believing the present Cortex to be an imposter before ordering N. Brio to alert the Lab Assistants in panic.

Following this, Crash and Coco must make their way through a massive manufacturing facility that appears to create the explosive substance stored within the unstable Nitro Crates. All the while, the protagonists are confronted by numerous rat henchmen, electric roaches and explosive green sludge creatures, all the while listening to the two Cortexes argue over the intercom.

Other hazards include massive spinning cog wheels, water streams that power bladed turbines and substantial amounts of liquid Nitro flooding the lower areas.

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Arabic مصنع النايترو
masnae alnnayitru
French Traitement Nitro
German Nitro-Aufbereitung
Italian Lavorazione Nitro
Japanese ニトロさくせいちゅう
Nitoro saku seichū
Polish Fabryka Nitro
Portuguese Processamento de Nitro
Russian Переработка нитроглицерина
Pererabotka nitroglicerina
Spanish Procesamiento Nitro




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