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Nitro drones are flying, crate-carrying robots in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. They may or may not be enemies, depending on which type of crate they're holding.


Each nitro drone is colored yellow and carries a crate. Nitro drones carrying basic or ? crates usually fly back and forth in a set pattern.

Drones that carry either TNT or nitro crates will home in on the player character to blow them up. The explosion also destroys any nearby crates, including checkpoint crates. A drone that carries TNT has only three seconds to reach the player character, while one with nitro can fly indefinitely. They explode if they fly into a wall or stack of crates, but will avoid crashing into the ground.

A nitro drone's crate can be broken with any attack except the slide attack. The drone will then fly off. If the crate is taken from it using Dingodile's vacuum cannon, it gets sad. In this state, walking into the drone destroys it.

Nitro drones appear in the levels Food Run, Rush Hour and The Crate Escape.



Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Arabic درون النايترو
dron alnaytro
French Drone Nitro
German Nitro-Drone
Italian Drone Nitro
Japanese ニトロドローン
Polish Nitrodron
Russian Взрывчатый Дрон
Vzryvchatyy Dron
Spanish Nitrodrón