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Nitro Court is the fourth battle arena in Crash Team Racing and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled and is the battle arena in Citadel City. Like Skull Rock and Rampage Ruins, it reflects the theme of the hub in which it is set. The arena's shape is a perfect square, being symmetrical in every way except possibly for the location of the crates. The courtyard ground is a mix of tile and grass. In the Crystal Challenge, a crystal is hidden in almost every corner where two walls meet, which the player can also use to escape opponents in the Battle Mode. Castle walls surround all four sides of the arena, which is set during nighttime. The portal to the arena is in Citadel City, close to Oxide Station, but in its own alcove.



Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Arabic قصر نايترو
qasr naytru
Dutch Nitro Court
French Cour Nitro
German Nitro-Hof
Italian Palazzo Nitro
Japanese よるの おしろガーデン
Yoru no o shiro gāden
Portuguese Pátio de Nitro
Spanish Pista de Nitro


  • The level shares its theme with Cortex Castle.
  • This arena has the longest time limit of all four crystal challenges in Crash Team Racing.
  • The weathervanes atop the four towers in the corners of the arena are in the shape of Crash's face.
  • This arena's theme was used for the Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled PS4 Exclusives & CNK Content Reveal Trailer.