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Nitro Court (よるの おしろガーデン lit. White Garden at Night in Japanese) is the fourth battle arena in Crash Team Racing and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled and is the battle arena in Citadel City. Similarly to Skull Rock and Rampage Ruins, it reflects the theme of the hub in which it is set. The arena's shape is a perfect square, being symmetrical in every way except possibly for the location of the crates. It mostly consists of green colors of the tiled ground and grass that make up the court yard. The court has many small walls that provide hiding places, semi-prevention from missiles. In the Crystal Challenge, a crystal is hidden in almost every corner where two walls meet, and (if the player uses them to their advantage) the player can use them to escape opponents. Castle walls surround all four sides of the arena. If the players look above, they can see that this arena is set during night time, an exclusive trait, compared to the other three battle arenas. The arena is in Citadel City, close to Oxide Station, but in its own alcove.

  • Number of crystals: 20
  • Time limit: 2:00:00
  • Number of wumpa crates: 4
  • Number of weapon crates: 11


Nitro Court - CTR Challenge - Crash Team Racing - 101% Playthrough (Part 37)-0

Nitro Court - CTR Challenge - Crash Team Racing - 101% Playthrough (Part 37)-0

Nitro Court - Video Walkthrough



  • The level is related to Cortex Castle as it has checkered floor and castles around the outside.
  • This arena has the longest time limit of all four crystal challenges in Crash Team Racing.
  • The green color theme may be to enhance the arena's name.
  • Interestingly, despite being the last arena having a Crystal Challenge in Adventure mode, it is widely considered by players as the easiest of all four due to its high time limit.
  • The weathervanes atop the four towers in the corners of the arena are in the shape of Crash's face.
  • This arena's theme was used for the Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled PS4 Exclusives & CNK Content Reveal Trailer.
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