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Watch out for these guys—Ninja Penguins are not nice!

Crash Tag Team Racing instruction manual

Ninja Penguins are enemies that appear in Crash Tag Team Racing. They attack Crash, making him drop his Wumpa Coins. They are unable to directly kill Crash, but may indirectly kill him, as Crash stops moving and holds his foot for a few seconds when hit, causing him to get hit by a hazard or fall off a platform. They can be defeated by spinning into them three times. Each time Crash spins into them, they will drop coins.

It appears that if Crash belly flops a penguin, then he will get more coins than doing a regular spin attack on the penguin. They are the third type of penguins to be enemies. They appear to be the only enemies in the game that can attack Crash, and the only enemy that he can attack (excluding races and in the arcade). One appears behind Crash during the loading screen. They appear in all areas of the game with the exception of the Midway.



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