Put 'em up, put 'em up is that enough? I need to get moving. Not soon, NOW. Oh hello there, do you think I can get my key back? Come on! I DON'T CARE! Gimme my key back WHY YOU!
— Nash

Nash is a shark-like alien from the planet Barin. He is one of Emperor Velo XXVII's champions. Players can unlock him in the Game Boy Advanced version by beating him the first time at Barin. He appears to have a laser cannon like device on his helmet.

Crash Nitro Kart

Nash is a cybernetically enhanced shark creature who is the champion of Barin. In the beginning of the cutscene, Nash is seen boxing with himself saying "Put em up, put em up!" When he becomes antsy, he begins yelling at Velo but is scared off into his track. At the end of Team Bandicoot's victory, he asks if he may have his key back, but when denied he suddenly faints, and is sleeping when Coco hacked his brain. At the end of Team Cortex's victory, N. Gin talks to Cortex about having cybernetic sharks as slaves, but Cortex sees how easily they can be beat. On the track, Nash uses shark teeth and joke teeth as weapons.


Nash seems to be very bad tempered, high strung, and has a very bad attitude and a violent behavior. He's cocky and was so hyperactive, that it was impossible for him to even sleep, until Coco hacked his brain and put him into his first slumber.





  • Nash is the only champion to not be warped away in a flash of light after losing to Team Cortex. Instead, he simply runs away when Velo's hologram appears.
  • Nash is somewhat similar to Hannah Barbara's Jabber Jaw. They're both sharks, say "Put em up! Put em up!" when they feel like fighting, and right before Coco puts him to sleep, he says "neh-eh-eh" like Jabber does.